Oscar Bedivere

I've been here before...


Oscar’s tall, looming frame may seem intimidating at first, yet he betrays a kind of softness; the young and feminine features of his face suggest some kind of innocence, further aided through deception by his soft green eyes and platinum blonde hair. Ever the charmer, Oscar prefers to wear his favorite suit wherever he goes, readily fancily dressed at any occasion he isn’t suffocating in. He seems to stare at you as though you aren’t talking to him…always distracted, never quite looking in the same place.


Life is full of surprises, and Oscar hates surprises. From a young age, Oscar was commended by family and friends for his vast intelligence. By age five, Oscar had mastered the english language, had an advanced understanding of mathematics, and seemingly was on track to become one of the world’s most renowned scientists along with Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton. As he aged, however, one thing became increasingly clear about Oscar; he had no drive for any of that “dying to be remembered nonsense”, and he really truly did not care for many things. This lack of motivation tore his family apart. Father John Bedivere always pushed Oscar to the extreme to do great things, much to the dismay of mother Catherine Bedivere. It wasn’t long before arguments began to break out over Oscar’s future, and not long after that, full blown fights. This traumatic experience during his tween years is what brought Oscar so close to his twin sister, Violet, who was always standing up for him no matter how bad the abuse became. As soon as they were able, Oscar and Violet fled the house in order to procure a place of their own to stay. Violet chose to pursue higher education in order to become a Psychologist, while Oscar abandoned the education system to pursue his love for the fine arts, becoming a freelance artist in the bay area. For many years, the twins supported each other in this way; Oscar aiding Violet with school and with finance, while Violet aided Oscar in his pursuit of becoming the world’s greatest artist. Around the age of twenty, Violet left their living arrangement to attend graduate school, spending a large amount of time away from Miami. On his own, Oscar continued working as an artist for two years, but was never satisfied with his work. At age 22, he had decided he would suffer no longer. Haunted by his past, dissapointed in his motivation and talent, and feeling like he had failed Violet, Oscar threw himself off of a tall apartment building in downtown Miami, ready to accept death with open arms. Strangely though, right before he slammed into fresh concrete, something happened. He had awakened. Time magic manifested in such a way to send him back to the moment right before the jump, saving his life. It was at this moment Oscar was filled to the brim with a renewed purpose; he would learn everything he can about this newfound power, and use it to change the world for the better…the greatest gift he could ever give to his dear sister.

Oscar Bedivere

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