Rise of the Black Sun

JB's First Few Days Adventure

Boy things sure were fucked up

Current Date: July 29th.

People Met: Oscar Bedivere, Lenny, Maya, Dave

Notable outcomes: Met Oscar Bedivere, and out of pure desperation, attempted to make friends with him. It was a mistake. However, due to JB not having any friends at all, he decided to stick with it, no matter how fucking weird and autistic this kid was. Got a giant painting of my dog. Next day, created first paradox. Was extremely confused, but excited and enlightened. Witnessed Oscar fucking LOSE it. Tried to follow, but was pushed away. Went to the beach, successfully flirted with girl and got her drunk, pretended to know how to surf. Left that bitch, fuck that noise, went to Lenny’s house. Asked about Oscar, gave him $200 for his whereabouts, let my dog shit in his yard. Felt good man. I went up to Oscar’s, knocked on his door. He acted sketchy af, not gonna lie. Called 911, “please get this bitch some help, he painted my dog. Address is P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney.” Amberlamps came, unlocked fort knox, did some tests on my dude Oscar. He was clean by all accounts, but stated he was developing schizophrenia. Amberlamp lady told me to stay with him and make sure he was okay, and call if things got out of hand. They left, Oscar immediately told me he could see into the future, recited an entire excerpt of the String Theory, but I couldn’t even understand that in layman’s terms, so fuck that noise. His friend Dave came, offered me weed, I told him to stay and make sure Oscar was all good. As I went back to my car, it turns out that Lenny spread shit on my windows. Whether it’s my dog’s shit or his own shit is left unknown. Fuck you, Lenny. I left, fed my dog, went to bed depressed because my only friend turned out to be fucking crazy and I don’t have a love life. All I have is Rodie. My one true friend in this cruel world. Please save me, God. That’s all I ask from you. Save me.



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