Julius Sebastian Bernard (JB)

Silver-Tongued Fate Mage


Julius is a very slim individual, with medium length brown hair and a clean face. Presentation is key to Julius, as first impressions usually dominate the behavior that others have towards people. His professional attire consists of a dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top, an open blue suit, and either black or khaki slacks. While wearing this outfit, he chooses to straighten his naturally curly hair. In his casual attire, he sports the same suit coat, but instead wears a short sleeve shirt and jeans, while leaving his hair curled. With both outfits, he wears a pair of black, polished dress shoes, but are modified in such a way to conceal the sound of his footsteps and provide comfort when running. His complexion is fairly pale, but is known to easily tan any time he travels to the beach in his Hawaiian outfit. A custom-made coin is seen around his neck, suspended by a small leather strip.

Julius’s Casual Attire:

Julius’s Professional Attire:


Julius Sebastian Bernard, known as “JB” by family and colleagues, is a corporate affairs executive at a company which distributes and sells computer paper stock to businesses. Julius co-founded the business with a childhood friend, Phillip Grand. However, he was completely swindled out of the CEO position, and instead works below the company executives even though he helped kick-start the entire business. While Julius does not hold the title of founder or CEO, he was given an exorbitant amount of money in salary as consolation. The name of the company is, “Keystone Cascade”. From the front, the company is an honest distributor of printer paper, handling the paper mill manufacturing and sales. Under the table, however, is revealed a nefarious scheme of collusion and insider trading, with everyone trying to make the largest profit possible. Julius knows that a friend in this business can easily turn into an enemy, should it make them a profit, as he experienced it first-hand with Phillip. Therefore, it has been Julius’s dream to swindle this precious money from the corrupt individuals who try and undermine it through loopholes and insecure regulations.

Ironically, Julius holds no value towards money. Instead of a means of living, it’s merely a tool, used only in circumstances where it will benefit his goal of taking more money from corrupt businessmen. In fact, the only thing he holds value to is his family, namely his older brother, Marcus Bernard. The two brothers are close to each other, with Marcus being the only true friend that Julius has ever known. Therefore, if a conflict arises involving his brother Marcus, Julius will be there to defend him if necessary.

Julius is not a fighter, and prefers to solve conflicts with diplomacy rather than violence. He is easy to cripple in to demands, but uses his mind magic to manipulate the terms if they seem disadvantageous. As such, he is not a strong man, and if a conflict occurs involving physical danger, he will most likely turn and run, or give in to whatever demands the opposing party wants. Julius is also very forgetful, and manages to forget the most crucial details in dire circumstances, even forgetting his parents’ birthdays on numerous occasions. Julius’s biggest strong suit is his social aptitude, able to strike up a conversation with the most introverted of individuals. He is quite street-smart, very aware of what’s going on around him at all times and how things work in the city, especially underground. He is also fairly well versed with computers, as he works at his desk in the office and once held a job as a help desk technician. He is also able to persuade those into his favor, even without the use of his mind magic. As a silver-tongue, his downfalls lie in his lack of physical abilities, but he is very stealthy and dexterous, allowing him to make quick and efficient escapes in times of danger.

Julius has chosen to live modestly, living in a simple household in the suburbs of Miami. He drives a 2017 blue Toyota Prius, as a statement to efficiently consume fuel. His most prized possession is his phone, sporting the newest model of Google’s phone, the Pixel. Julius also owns a dog, a brown Jack Russel named Rodie. When Julius is not home often, he pays a dog sitter to make sure Rodie is fed and taken care of.

As of now, Julius’s biggest concern is a lack of drive. He doesn’t know what his future holds, or what to make of himself. Swindling money from rich businessmen is a fun task for sure, but how long until that gets old? To quench his thirst for a purpose, Julius regularly donates his proceeds to various charities, and hands out money to people on the streets who seem to down on their luck. Even though these acts of compassion have given him a sense of direction, he still lacks a feeling of purpose in life, and instead is left feeling unfulfilled at most parts of the day.

Julius Sebastian Bernard (JB)

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